Franklin County Criminal Lawyers Aggressively Advocate for Clients

Ohio law firm builds vigorous defense to criminal charges

At Roth Law Group, LLC in Columbus, we apply our knowledge and experience to providing post-conviction services such as record sealing and expungement as well as vigorous defense in an array of criminal cases. These range from misdemeanors, which are punishable by up to six months of imprisonment, to felonies, which can result in several years behind bars. Our law firm will challenge the prosecution’s evidence and conduct an investigation to look for ways that charges may be reduced or even dropped completely. We represent clients in courts in Franklin and nearby Ohio counties.

Reliable counsel defends against drunk driving accusations

In Ohio, operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol (OVI) can be charged when your blood alcohol level is in excess of 0.08 percent. Penalties include fines of up to $1,000, jail of up to six months and suspension of driver’s license for up to three years. We carefully evaluate your case to muster the strongest possible defense. We also explore favorable plea bargains such as a “wet reckless” — a reduced charge that carries lower fines and jail time and does not mandate loss of driving privileges.

Knowledgeable lawyers fight drug charges

The penalties for drug crimes are often severe, especially for manufacture and sale of controlled substances. We understand the structure of state and federal drug laws and the evidence required to establish various degrees of guilt. When there are legal issues relating to police misconduct in searching for drugs or in preserving the chain of evidence, we make motions to suppress or to dismiss. We also negotiate with prosecutors whenever possible to reduce charges and/or to seek sentences that replace incarceration with admission into drug treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Experienced attorneys defend people accused of violent crimes

We handle cases where clients have been accused of murder, manslaughter, assault and other violent crimes. Assault in Ohio can run the gamut from a misdemeanor to a felony for assault with a deadly weapon or firearm, which is punishable by up to eight years in prison. We assert all possible defenses and mitigating factors in these cases, including justification, self-defense, provocation and lack of motive or intent. We also work out plea bargains that reduce jail time while providing victim restitution.

Legal team combats allegations of theft

A theft crime can include burglary or shoplifting, neither of which involve violence or the use of a weapon. Robbery, however, is the intentional taking of property belonging to someone else using threat, a weapon or physical force. In cases where a weapon or threat was used, the prosecution must prove every element of the offense, including that the defendant had no right to the property involved. We can bring a skillful defense that disputes the voluntariness of the alleged crime and whether there was, in fact, any weapon involved or the use or threat of force.

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